"Navillus is currently leading the new millennium in scaffold equipment as the first masonry contractor in the New York five boroughs to use The Fraco Scaffolding System."
Paul Trinks, Fraco Distributor, tri-state area

"Navillus was first to use Spec Mix® in the New York metropolitan area and hold the largest East Coast account for this technically advanced mortar."
Jim King, Sales Manager, Spec Mix Construction Products

"Ysrael A. Seinuk has worked with Navillus on several jobs over the past 10 years. We have found their commitment to excellence to be unparalleled. As part of a team where complicated structures included 'flying brick' and CMU walls with infinite reveals, and where tube steel was never perfectly straight, projects were nevertheless completed on time, on schedule and on budget. Navillus' ability to bring solutions to the table and foresee problems before they materialized made all the projects smooth and amicable. Their knowledge of the documents made the job of the architect, the engineer and the general contractor easier. In all, we look forward to working on many more projects with them."
Susan Baces, Ysrael A. Seinuk

"NavillusŠa leading purchaser of Laticrete products for the entire northeast of America."
Tom McKcown, Technical Representative, Laticrete International Inc.

"On the High School of Law Enforcement and Public Safety, Navillus has demonstrated a consistent commitment to quality and a refreshing sensitivity to design issues. Their staff is user-friendly, extremely flexible and client-oriented. The pride they take in their work is reflected in their constant attention to detail."
Tomas Rossant, Associate Partner, Polshek Partnership Architect

"Together with Navillus, Hilti developed a dustless fastening system suitable for application to asbestos block. The first masonry company to use the Hilti CP672 firestop system on their projects, they continue to be a major client for our products."
Stanley Brosowsky, Senior Hilti Representative, New York City

"I wish to commend Navillus on the quality of the extensive tile work completed in the New York Health and Racquet Club. Their experience was of enormous benefit during our planning stages and their dedication to quality was at all times unfaltering. I would recommend Navillus to any developer or architect requiring a high-quality tile installation."
Frank Denner, Frank Denner Architect

"Working with the staff at Navillus has been a great pleasure. They have always managed to complete our projects on time and on budget, and in many cases were very instrumental in the process of getting there."
Thomas Hoffman, Project Manager, Montroy Andersen Design Group, Inc.


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